15 Hottest of the Hotties

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15 Hottest of the Hotties

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15 Hottest of the Hotties celebrity wallpaper
Image by sanguinegurl07 In my opinion, these are 15 of the most attractive men in the Biz: 1. Wentworth Miller 2. Jensen Ackles 3. Ben Barnes 4. Taylor Lautner 5. Matt Damon 6. Tom Welling 7. Matt Dallas 8. David Boreanaz 9. Christian Bale 10. Justin Hartley 11. Channing Tatum 12. Dominic Purcell 13. Jesse Spencer 14. Chris Evan 15. Robert Pattinson

Young Dolly celebrity wallpaper
Image by bbaltimore From celebrity desktop series v. 1.0: I wanted to take famous folks from various sources and reprocess them for display using techniques that would compliment their characters.

Lady-Gaga-Wallpaper-lady-gaga celebrity wallpaper
Image by Nokia RSA Ovi Music forecasts that Lady Gaga will be the 2010 European Princess of Pop ahead of this year’s most anticipated music award ceremony, the 2010 MTV Europe Music Awards. If music downloads is anything to go by, then Nokia’s Ovi Music banks this ‘Rockshow’ on Lady Gaga to scoop all 5 award nominations.